Filming Rates

Half-day rate         4 Hours  £225

Full-day rate         8 Hours £400

Second Camera       4 Hours £  75  8 Hours £125
Second Operator 4 Hours £175  8 Hours £325
Assisting          4 Hours £100 8 Hours £175
Chromakey             4 Hours £  50  8 Hours £100
Teleprompter      4 Hours £  50  8 Hours £100

Editing Rates

Editing Studio           4 Hours £200 8 Hours £375
Music Track                Long          £100      Short     £  75

Slides (no edits) per slide £   5 20 slides £100
Video Stills         1 image £ 10 10 images £  60

Corporate Event & Conference Videography

Corporate Event Video Packages from £475 for a half day or £825 for a full day, one camera only and a simple quick edit.  This can be a montage video, the presentations or edited sections for fast turn-around.

A conference video with two camera operators with a more extensive edit from  £975 for a half day or £1525 for a full day.  Useful if you need interviews and pieces to camera (PTCs) filmed on the day, panels discussions or further editing for your final video.

For more comprehensive event and edited video please contact us to discuss your details.

Explainer, Case Study and Training Films

These video will vary as to what you need, they include a lot planning and preproduction from our side before filming can begin so we can only quote once we know what you need.  Use chromakey against a green screen to cut out the presenter to put on any background and use a teleprompter autocue to help with longer or more complex scripts.

Documentary, Interviews, Talking Heads and Corporate Videos

Documentary, interviews, talking heads and corporate videos are all great ways to tell your story and connect with your audience.  Documentaries and corporate videos take a little more planning but really about getting your message across.  I have a lot of experience filming and conducting interviews and talking head films and it’s often just about asking the right questions. 

Product Launch Videos

Product launch videos are short videos that introduce a new product to the market. They are typically 2-3 minutes long and use engaging visuals and storytelling to generate excitement and buzz around the product. As product launch videos can be used on a variety of channels, including websites, social media, YouTube they can filmed vertically which requires a different approach when filming.

Short Videos and Social Media

Short videos for websites, social media and events to promote your business from £350, enquire for further details.  These are short films, simple quick edit or we can train you to film and edit your own videos on your phone.

Media Training and Team Building Exercise

Media training and team building are complementary activities. Media training can help businesses to communicate their messages effectively and team building can help businesses to create a strong and cohesive team that can effectively implement those messages.

We offer media training and team building services to help businesses and organisations learn and have fun.  With over 20 years of experience with team building and media training exercises at a business school, we can offer our knowledge effectively to communicate ideas an learning for your team.  It can just be a fun day out or a chance to develop photography and video skills for your business.

The training is tailored to the your specific needs and we are committed to helping your achieve your goals. Having designed training and helped businesses of all sizes to improve their relationship skills, build stronger teams, and communicate more effectively with their customers and employees.

Freelance Filming and Editing

A freelance filmmaker and editor with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from corporate videos, explainer, learning, talking heads, green screen and documentaries.

Filming:  Experience using a variety of professional filming equipment, with a creative documentary approach.  Skilled in a variety of filming and lighting techniques, following scripts and working with actors on location or in a studio.

Editing:  Experienced in both Adobe Premiere and FCPX software creating polished and professional videos. I can edit your footage to create a variety of different types of videos, including; corporate videos, short films, documentaries, training, educational and explainer videos

If you are looking for a freelance filmmaker and editor who can help you create high-quality videos, please contact me for consultation to discuss your project and how I can help.

Involve us early in the project as we can help with planning the filming, timings and budget to achieve your objectives.  Prices are subject to change based on location, travel costs and specific project requirements. Contact me for a personalised quote.